Thursday , 24 July 2014

Top 10 WordPress Spam Protection Plugins

Top 10 Wordpress Spam Protection Plugins

I will write today about top 10 wordpress spam protection plugins. In this days spam is a panic to bloggers and webmasters. And the spammer community is getting big day by day. They are targeting those bloggers who have a low quality knowledge about spam protection. Spam is so much important fact, because it can damage all of your important ... Read More »

Install Essential WordPress Plugins In One Click

Install Essential Wordpress Plugins In One Click

We need some essential WordPress plugins in our every WordPress blog or WordPress sites. But sometime we forgot to install some plugins. Because we can not memories all plugins name all the time. So need a list of our essential WordPress plugins. So today I will discuss how to install all essential plugins in your new WordPress blogs with one ... Read More »

10 Ways To Increase WordPress Security

10 Ways To Increase WordPress Security

Word-press is the most popular blogging cms in the world. The popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day.  Even top companies of the world is also using WordPress for making their business website. It has a easy control panel and user friendly interface. Now the latest blogs is being created by WordPress. So now website security is fully depends ... Read More »

Add Pagination In WordPress Blog Without Plugin

Add Pagination In WordPress Blog Without Plugin

Pagination makes our blogs looking beautiful. The default pagination of WordPress is now old style. It does not contain how much pages in our blog and now number function. It only contain Next Page and Previous page option. We usually use some plugins for adding pagination in our WordPress blogs. But you must know that if you use less plugin ... Read More »

Free Download Kmspico Full Version


Do you want to make your windows genuine. So you have to use some installer or use any other software. There are so many software to activate windows but some of them are working and major of them are not working. So you have to choose carefully. I can recommended you to use Kmspico to activate your windows. Kmspico is not ... Read More »

How To Find The Appropriate Keywords For Business

How To Find The Appropriate Keywords For Business

Whenever I mention SEO, people always request, what’s SEO? SEO means “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization is the method of optimizing your landing page or website for Google’s search engine. Google search engine uses an formula to search for any couple of something more important in order to list a website inside the results each time a person types ... Read More »

How To Increase Domain Authority

How To Increase Domain Authority

Moz is a company that provides domain authority. You can not easily increase your domain authority. But if you can maintain your blog or website in a good manner then it will be not hard for you. You can not achieve it overnight you have to do some hard work for it. Moz provides domain authority based on different kind ... Read More »

Recover Your Lost Data


Sometime we lost our hard disk data or partition. Then we need to recover it. But there are some recovery software which do not provide us perfect results. So we can not recover our data full. Today i will share a software which will provide you 100% result. I mean it will recover your every lost file. It will also ... Read More »

Enjoy 13 Funny Google Tricks

Enjoy 13 Funny Google Tricks

Today i will discuss about 13 funny Google tricks. I think here is nothing to learn, but i hope you will enjoy so much. Everyday we search in Google for our needs, but major of people do not use ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option. So i will show you some tricks about I’m feeling lucky option. 1. Google Gravity: Go to: ... Read More »

My Top 5 List of Free Web Hosting


In my previous post i have shared about getting a free domain. But if you want to make a website then you also need a web hosting. And today i will share with you about my top 5 free hosting list. 1. 2 Free Hosting: You will get 20 GB disk space and 150 GB network transfer completely free. This ... Read More »

Get A Top Level Domain Completely Free


There are so much advertising about free premium domain, but i saw most of them are fake or most of them want money at the last step. And if you want to make a website with .com, .net, .org or such of domain you have to buy one. But today i will share a tricks with you about getting a ... Read More »

Five Easy Ways To Make Money From Home


Today i will discuss about some easy way to make money from home. In those way, you do not need to know any programming language, any designing skill or any web related skill. You must have some basic skill about using computer and internet. Neobux: You can earn only by viewing ads. Just sign up to: NeoBux and view ads, ... Read More »

Sell Your Domain Online


Some days ago i had bought a domain to make a tech blog. But i saw that i need so much visitor and user and i need revenue if i want to continue it, There is domain and hosting cost. I thought so many things. And at last after buying the domain i realized that i should not do this ... Read More »

Best 5 Android Security Apps


The main target of cyber criminal is android devices. Recently the 70% attack is happening about android devices and now the security protection is mainly about android security protection. So you have to keep a good protection on your android phones. Carefulness may harm your personal information or may raise the social harassment. So e careful about your android phone. ... Read More »

Experience About Blogging

Experience About Blogging

My experience about blogging is so good from the starting. Today i was surfing online to submit my blog in blog or website directory. I found Technorati i saw it’s ranking and popularity is so good. So i submitted my blog to Technorati. They told me to verify me that i am the owner of this blog and gave this ... Read More »

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